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Client Referrals




Health Issues

"My extreme anxiety and heart condition forced me to take a leave of absence from work.  My condition began to change immediately during my first session with Martha.  All of the medical professionals that I  have been working with raved about the progress I have made as a result of my stress management sessions."   R.T.

"My chronic pain during the past 12 years has limited my life in many ways.  During this time
I have sought out many holistic and medical practitioners, none of whom have been able to help me find relief.  In my first one hour session with Martha, the key to my pain was identified.
I began to feel a definite change in my constant pain that I have been living with for so long.  Thank you for the practical steps that will aid my progress until my next session."  M.L.

Work Related Challenges

"I have finally been able to get a full-time job after learning how to handle my emotional highs and lows.  I am now better able to express my feelings with confidence.  Regular B.M.E. Stress Management sessions helped me to recognize my personal strengths and understand more about the triggers that knock me off track."  T.R.

"My creative abilities that have been labelled "unproductive" are now recognized as powerful tools for bringing new perspectives to my workplace.  My sessions with Martha have not only helped me define my creative process, but also to see how I can use it as a practical, effective tool in any situation including parenting."  M.M.


"My passive aggressive disorder has challenged me throughout my whole life.  As long as I can remember I have always felt left out and victimized.  In my sessions with Martha, I have learned how to stay connected to who I am and find the confidence and maturity that help me to feel supported in my life." D.P.

"All my experiences with women have given me a feeling of inadequacy. As a result, my relationships could never reach the level of real partnership.  Stress management sessions have helped me understand how I could support myself by setting appropriate boundaries and valuing the good qualities in me that are important in a real partnership."  N.L.

Palliative Care

"What helped my mother during her death process was knowing she could trust someone to follow her wishes.  Martha's attendance during the weeks prior to my mother's final days allowed her to feel safe and cared for. Martha's integrity and confidence gave others at her bedside great comfort and support during their time of grief and loss."  C.P.

"Martha was at the bedside of my dying mother.  My children were around me as well.  She was able to show us all how to send positive energy and love to help my mother in her final days with us.  Thank you, Martha, you are a blessing."  S.D.



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