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The Healing Centre 



The Healing Centre

Elm Tree Centre is a healing centre.  Services that are available include B.M.E. Stress Management, P.A.C.E. for Change and Therapeutic Touch.

B.M.E. Stress Management addresses the root cause of your physical, mental and emotional stress and helps you create an effective action plan that will support your individual needs.  

P.A.C.E. for Change uses Positive, Active Clear, Energy to motivate and energize your mind, body and spirit with effective life choices.  Learn a simple approach to relieve stress and achieve success.

Therapeutic Touch is a healing practice used to help release the stressful energy of tension and shock that can occur because of stress and change.  It does this by cleaning and rebalancing your energy field.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms of stress/change, Martha can help.

- indecision, anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger, chronic pain, health problems

- You can learn simple techniques that will help you to refresh your mind as you bring practical change into your life.

- Each new step can be an opportunity for happiness.

It's All About Change!

When its time for personal quality of life changes, important steps towards your future are put in front of you.  Learning to take small steps forward in simple ways, as these changes manifest, can be exciting and fearful at the same time.  Martha will help you stay balanced as you achieve your goal.

Stress Relief for Highly Sensitive People

Sessions with Highly Sensitive People help to address their emotional overload, frustration and hesitation caused by sensitivity to external and internal pressures.  P.A.C.E. helps them maintain balance and achieve their goals.

Assessment and Treatment Plans for stress relief will create the habit of being fully present to the negative indicators as well as the positive changes that cause stress.  One on one life skills counselling can be focused on ways to be more effective in your day to day challenges or may simply help you to reconnect with your goals.

Martha Hoey, B.Ed., B.F.A., R.T.T.P.T. is a stress management therapist.  She works with clients to help them manage the stress caused by their sensitivity to change.

She is also a recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Teacher who has 20 years experience in the field of stress management and Therapeutic Touch providing stress relief for individuals, the elderley, small animals and horses.

Visit our Healing Centre Events page to see all the events at the centre and at other locations.  



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