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  Energy Clearing Services


Residential and Business 
Energy Clearing and Balancing

          If you experience an unusually high frequency
          of arguments, illness, depression, mood swings,
          discomfort, unexplained noises and movements ...

Residue energies might have been 'left behind'
by previous tenants, deceased persons or people
that have come and gone through your home.
Energy clearing can help release the unwanted
negative feelings that impact your day to day life.

Energy Clearing is Ideal for hotels, apartments and generally, premises where there is an influx of human traffic. People bring with them all sorts of energies, intentions and thoughts when entering your premise. They may leave behind some of that 'energetic' residue that could be responsible for a down turn in your business.


   -  A feeling that you’d rather not go in your own
      house or work place

   -  Animals acting out of sorts or nervous —
      especially cats

   -  Unexplained moods that only occur in a certain
      room, or at certain times of the day

   -  Electrical abnormalities that have a pattern

   -  Run of bad luck, accidents, vandalism or theft

   -  Pockets of cold or strange odors

   -  House stuck on the market

   -  Children afraid or nervous about something    
       under their bed

   -  Poor sleep, constant fatigue or illness

   -  Feelings of something unsettled or unfinished

If you are not happy with the feel of your home, or
you are experiencing some difficulty selling or
renting a property, house clearing will help you with these challenges.

We also offer a pre-purchase inspection for any
potential buyer of a home or property.


Negative energies can cause dissension among
employees and interfere with customer relations.
Unexplained lethargic business or challenging
relationships can be caused by an influx of
negative energy.

When your business experiences the following, Energy Clearing Services can 
be used to improve unresolved problems:

   -  Sudden increase in customer complaints

   -  Staff turnover because of toxic company

   -  Unstable staff relationships—sudden outburst
      of anger, jealousy, upset

   -  Business turnover and/or profits take an
      unaccountable dive

-  High customer/traffic turnover leaving   
      'oppressive' negative energy and few sales

   -  Negative energies cannot be cleared from a   
      busy  traffic business I.e. doctors office,   
      therapy clinic

                       -  Businesses that want to increase profitability

                    Energy Clearing Sessions

Energy Clearing sessions can be in person
or by phone.  A preliminary consultation will be done to assess the problem.

   Martha Hoey has been working in this field
   of house clearing for 20 years. She has
  experience with clearing historical locations,
  oppressive atmospheres in homes, barns
   and properties for sale.

                 Martha Hoey, B. Ed., B.F.A., R.T.T.P.T.



                   "When we moved into our new home, it became apparent 
                   soon after that one of us was always sick with cold/flu 
                   symptoms and struggling to get well.  We heard of Martha 
                   from a friend and called her to assess the situation.  She 
                   told us that old energies from previous owners could be 
                   causing us to feel fatigued and unwell.  Martha cleared the 
                   negative energies left behind by previous owners.  She  
                   balanced our home and suggested some energy work be 
                   done by moving a few house plants and chairs 
                   in our main living room.  We immediately began to feel 
                   better and more energetic.  The Energy Clearing Services 
                   that Martha provided were what we needed to go forward 
                   in our new environment.  Even our dog Suzie became 
                   more energetic and back to her old fun self."  R.N.


                   "The location of our 1800’s old stone barn is now used 
                   to raise foals and race horses.  In the early days, this was
                   a barn used in the underground railroad.  Even though the 
                   past has gone, it became very clear to us that there was 
                   a feeling of stress in the barn.

                   Martha was able to clear the various layers of energy
                   that were stuck there from the past.  Our horses are 
                   now more comfortable in their stalls.  Foals are more 
                   easily managed."   S. S.

                   Historical Dead Energies

                   "Selling our home was not working.  We felt that there 
                   was a bad energy in the hallway by the front door.  
                   There was also a smell of something old whenever we
                   came home.  Martha did the clearing and balancing of our 
                   home and property immediately.  Within a week we 
                   welcomed the flurry of real estate activity that led to us 
                   selling.  The energies of people from the past that perhaps 
                   died at home had left their residue.  The property also 
                   had an issue as it had been the site of an old native 
                   burial ground."   T.E.



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