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 B.M.E Stress Management 



Self Healing for Stress

Evening Information Sessions

Martha Hoey B. Ed., B.F.A., R.T.T.P.T. 

Begins Sept. 21
7:30 - 9 pm

3rd Wednesday of Every Month

The Lemongrass Spa, Rockwood

Cost: $25


The Lemongrass Spa presents a series of evenings focused on self healing.   Each Session includes a brief talk about how you can identify stress and learn ways that will give you relief.  There will be a demonstration of Therapeutic Touch® at each session to give participants an experience of relaxation and general well-being.  Therapeutic Touch is a modality that is complementary to the medical model and very effective for relief of stress.

Session Topics:    

 1.  Introduction to Body, Mind, Emotional  
     Stress Management  

     Martha Hoey is a recognized Therapeutic   
     Touch® Teacher and Practitioner
who has 30 
     years experience in the field of stress management 
     and Therapeutic Touch providing stress relief for 
     individuals, the elderly, small animals and horses.

     Sessions & Home Visits are available by 

2.  Energize - Your Body, Mind and Spirit.

     Simple effective tools and intentions to get your 
     life energy mobilized.

3.   Relax - Create every day with intention.

      Use positive focus to achieve your goals.

 4.   Learn how to plan for your future 

      Being happy with synchronistic life changes. 

 5.  Nurturing Trust in Yourself

      Get your gut feelings into action.

 6.  Confidence Strategies

       Learn how to accept the value of being in the 

 7.  Caregiver Stress Relief

      As caregivers, the most important part of daily 
      life is how to take care of your self, while being 
      there for someone else 24/7.  Martha will 
      teach you some simple ways that maintain 
      your energy when you feel the stress of being 
      the caregiver.


8.  Get help for physical, mental, emotional,   
     and spiritual – depression, insomnia, 
     anxiety, exhaustion, fear, confusion and 
     chronic pain.

Learn more about how to effectively manage 
     your stress.  Stress can surface as depression, 
     chronic pain, indecision, anger and disability.
     Body, Mind, Emotional Stress Management 
     helps you get relief for physical, mental and 
     emotional stress.  

     Learn how to work through your tension and 
     bring more flexibility, ease, confidence and 
     balance into your life.

For more information, contact Martha at info@elmtreecentre.com   

Contact Alana - Spa Practitioner  lemongrasssparockwood@gmail.com  

Ph.  226-486-1417


For more information, call 519-823-5847 or email info@elmtreecentre.com.



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