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                            An easy, beautiful drive close to home.

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The 'Originals' Loft


Open Year Round

Private Dining By Reservation

                     Thursday - Sunday
We offer private bookings for lunch and dinner. 

                      'Originals' Brunch Buffet
for your special occasions 
                 and family reunions.                       



The 'Originals' Loft Bistro

The ‘Originals’ Loft Bistro is a perfect place to reconnect with family and friends.

Martha’s kitchen creates homemade, delicious combinations - Butternut Squash Soup & Cheese Scones, Spare Ribs, Vegetarian Wraps & Quiches served with organic greens & flavorful vinaigrettes. Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler, Chocolate Cake & Raspberry Sauce served with Organic Coffee & Herbal Teas.

Retro art, antiques and unique
stone and w
ood sculptures by resident artists Martha and Elizabeth Hoey are featured throughout the Bistro – Gift Shop and can be purchased when you visit or commissioned to suit your personal taste.

Our Bed & Breakfast suites provide personal or business retreats where you can refresh and revitalize.

Stress Management, Personal Growth & Creativity Workshops can be booked for groups and individuals seeking to create a better quality of life.

Check our daily Bistro Menu and  
 our group menus for birthdays 
 and special events.

  Make reservations for your Sunday 
 Brunch Buffet and our special 
 event brunches.         




Call for an appointment to view our facilities
 or make a reservation today at
519-823-5847 or info@elmtreecentre.com.


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