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Spiritual Life Coaching Readings



Frequently asked questions often focus on ways to be more effective in daily life challenges or may simply help you to reconnect with your personal values, pro life choices and future goals.

- Learn how to deal with changes in all areas of your life as you transition from an old way to one that supports your goal.

- Learn how to recognize when negative or positive changes are the cause of your anxiety, stress and confusion.

- Learn meditation techniques for effective stress relief, relaxation and clarity.

- Lear coping strategies to minimize second guessing, negative replay and procrastination to increase your awareness, confidence, intuition/clarity and productivity.

- Learn how to stay on track and enjoy your next steps.

Situations in a workplace environment such as peer pressure and workplace expectations may cause performance anxiety or feelings of being powerless.  Martha can help you sort out the problem so that you can gain confidence in situations that may be the cause of your fear and anxiety.

Dealing with medical procedures and illness can be overwhelming.  Martha helps individuals and family members cope with their situations more easily.  Readings can focus on proactive ways to relieve unsettling thoughts and anxiety.

Readings for highly sensitive people can help to address symptoms of emotional overload, frustration and non-action caused by sensitivity to emotional and environmental pressures.  Martha will help you to understand your sensitivity so that you can have clear, positive energy to maintain balance and achieve personal life choices.

Other questions may be regarding a pet, a loved one or someone who has passed away.

All sessions are completely confidential.  You can record the session if you wish.

Readings are $75 per half hour.

   Martha Hoey is a B.M.E.
   Stress Management counsellor
   and HSP Specialist. She is
   an HSP. Her focus is on
   re-connecting her clients
   with the personal values and
   life choices that support their
   individual needs.

Martha Hoey, B. Ed., B.F.A., R.T.T.P.T.

Martha is also a Recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Teacher.  Therapeutic Touch treatments are available to release stress or pain and complete your sessions. 

Therapeutic Touch is a stress management healing practice commonly used in hospitals and hospices to help alleviate the on-set of stress and pain associated with many standard treatments and procedures. It is used at Columbia University Hospital in heart surgery, to relieve pre and post operative stress, thereby significantly improving recovery time.



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