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Are you interested?

1. Do you have a family member who needs pain relief?

2.  Are you a caregiver?  Do you need stress relief?

3.  Are you challenged by only medical intervention treatments?

4.  Are you a person who likes to try various modalities/treatments that can work together in complementary ways?

5.  Would clinical research help you to get a deeper understanding about how the process of Therapeutic Touch works?

6.  Is there something you've heard about regarding this healing modality that makes you want to try it out?

7.  Do you know that there is a network of recognized practitioners that offer treatments in hospitals, hospices and pain clinics as well as in private practice?

8.  Would you like to get more information and find a teacher in your area that can teach you the basics?

What is your interest in learning the basics of
Therapeutic Touch?

Learning this modality for self-care is highly recommended for people suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and depression.  Many others have a compassionate sense of wanting to help someone who is in pain.  Often this aspect of human nature is what calls you to be there.  Therapeutic Touch leads you in a process of learning how to help someone and at the same time maintain clear boundaries.  It can also be a business opportunity for practitioners who would like to broaden their scope of treatments.

What I enjoyed about learning the Basics.
Here is some feedback from others who have taken the basic Level 1 workshop.

The steps of giving a session were easy to learn and remember.  HB
The experiential aspects of Therapeutic Touch were most informative.  MS
I learned how to develop boundaries by centering. MJ
The meditations and practical sessions helped me to get confidence. JP
The group discussions helped me to get a wide perspective of how this process works. GL
I found that the basic skills involved in the practice of Therapeutic Touch have helped me to be more efficient in my own life.  MH

For Personal Stories about experiences with 
Level 1, click here.

For Frequently Asked Questions, click here.




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