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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the basic Level 1 workshop?
It is taught as a full day (9 - 12 hours) or 3 consecutive (3-4 hr) segments.
Workshops are held at The 'Originals' Loft Retreat Centre for groups, families and individuals.  She also teaches through the Upper Grand Continuing Education wellness programs. To get workshop together in your area or at The 'Originals' Loft Retreat Centre contact her at info@elmtreecentre.com

Guest Speaker
Presentations with Martha Hoey include introductory information sessions and demonstrations about Therapeutic Touch.  These are offered to groups such as:  Stroke Survivor groups, Multiple Sclerosis chapters, Heart & Stroke caregiver groups and at local spas, meditation and yoga centres as well as YM-YWCA vitality programs.

Do I need to be a nurse or have any other training in preparation to learn this modality?
There is no need for any prior experience or nursing training.  The basic Level 1 course is very complete.  It has basic history, research and definitions as well as demonstrations and experiential exercises that involve all learning styles.

Can I practice on my friends and family right away?
The steps involved in giving a treatment are simple to understand and are practiced often throughout the workshop.  For this reason participants are able to continue their practice and give very effective treatments after completing Level 1 Therapeutic Touch.

Can Therapeutic Touch cause any adverse effects?
No.  The practice of Therapeutic Touch is based on 35 yrs. of clinical research.  It is used as a complementary modality to medical intervention.  Used during heart transplant procedures, it promotes vitatity and lessens the process of rejection.  Recognized practitioners give sessions in hospitals to aid the process of healing.  It is very helpful in hospices to give pain relief and relaxation prior to end of life.

Please direct any other questions to Martha Hoey, recognized practitioner and teacher.  519-823-5847 or email info@elmtreecentre.com

Schedules for upcoming Therapeutic Touch workshops, Professional Development Day and meeting times for the Elm Tree Branch.



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