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Therapeutic Touch Works!!


Personal Experiences from some time first time learners.

I learned how to sense energy in my first Level 1 workshop.  For example:  In one practice session, the energy field around my 'practice client's' right knee felt quite cold and the left side was warm.  This helped me to know that there was something out of balance.  He mentioned that his right knee had been injured in a car accident.

After the class discussion, I learned that I was feeling blocked energy on the right and his left knee was overworked.  JR

When I returned home from taking my first workshop in Therapeutic Touch, I found my son in pain with a swollen eyelid from a wasp sting.  There was no way I could put 'After Bite' cream on the area as it was too close to they eye.  In Level 1, I learned to move away blocked energy for pain relief.  So, I decided to do a clearing on the area.  It worked!  The swelling began to go down and then the pain was gone.  In about 3 days, the edge of his eye became very itchy.  I repeated the clearing and that was the end of it.  Now at age 32, it's my son's first go-to when he gets hurt.  AS

Therapeutic Touch helped me to understand that depression is something that you can sense in a person who at first glance looks ok.  During the practice session, I was able to feel heaviness, as if there was so much sadness that it had become stuck.  It was during the clearing process that my 'practice client' took a long deep breath and relaxed.  When I balanced the energy, I felt the heaviness become lighter and the energy more open.

In the discussion that followed, she mentioned that she had lost her dog and was missing him.  After the clearing and balancing she said that there was great relief.  KL

I had driven for an hour to get to the Centre.  I had a headache and stress in my shoulders.  I volunteered to be the 'practice client' for the demonstration.  As the teacher began the clearing, I felt more relaxed.  By the end of the treatment, my headache and the pain in my shoulders were gone.  I felt ready for the day.  MD



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