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When I took the first course many years ago, I can still remember the fact that I learned to help someone clear their pain by using a modality that was simple, easy to follow and highly effective as a tool for stress relief.  Using Therapeutic Touch for my own aches and pains (self help techniques) was part of the Level 1 course.  I have used it on myself ever since! - Martha Hoey, RTTPT


Therapeutic Touch was developed in 1972 by Dolores Krieger Ph.D., RN. and her mentor Dora Kunz.  TT is a process that mobilizes the energy field around the body for the purpose of assisting physical, emotional and mental healing.  

TT is taught by nurses, hospice workers, lay practitioners and other health care professionals to complement standard medical care.  It is included in the curriculum of many universities at the Master's and Ph.D. levels of Nursing.

The Service

Therapeutic Touch is a complementary healing practice and is used as an adjunct to medical care already being provided.  It is useful in pre-operative and post-operative situations, also to promote movement toward wellness in burns/fractures, wound healing and pain management.

Benefits and Common Uses

Therapeutic Touch is regularly used by practitioners for ear aches, fevers, bruises, flue, stress relief and headache pain.  It is commonly used in hospitals and hospices to help alleviate the on-set of stress and pain associated with many standard practices and procedures.  It is also felt by many to alleviate burn-out in staff.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, renowned heart surgeon at Columbia University Hospital, has nurse practitioners providing TT during major heart surgery to reduce the possibility of infection, immune system stress, and post-surgical pain, therefore significantly improving wound healing and recovery times.

Making Your Appointment

All treatments are given by Martha Hoey, Recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Teacher.  Special arrangements can be made for palliative or chronic care patients.  Emergency treatments will be given high priority.

All enquiries and appointments are completely confidential.  To book your session, contact the Centre directly at info@elmtreecentre.com or call 519-823-5847.

Martha Hoey, B. Ed., B.F.A., R.T.T.P.T.

Martha is a recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Teacher who has 20 years experience in the field of Holistic Healing.



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