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Garden Sculptures




      Natural stone sculptures in your garden or incorporated
      into your unique sauna and pool spa design brings an 
      element of beauty to your view throughout all seasons. 
      These sculptures provide long term enjoyment as the 
      stones come from the fields of Ontario where the climate
      can be hot and sunny or in the cold of winter.  

      Commissioned works can be made to suit your location.

      Purchasing a work of art can be a hands on experience.  
      A personal viewing can be arranged by appointment.  
      Please contact us for pricing and more information.

      Discover the simple beauty of natural stone sculptures
      in your garden... finding unusual rocks on the farm is
      what I love to do.


                          'Sand Owl'                                        
Materials:     Ontario Fieldstone                
                                   Dimensions:  9"h. x 6"w. x 4.5"


                 'Mana Rael'
                       Materials:       Ontario Fieldstone from Elm Tree Farms
                       Dimensions:  Sculpture - 13"h. x 13"w. x 8"d.
                                                 Base -         8"h. x 15"w. x 13"d.







'Muskoka Hawk'
Materials:  Muskoka Granite
Dimensions:  Sculpture - 8"h. x 8"w. x 4"d.
                         Base -       6"h. x 8"w. x 4"d.
                         Side -        7"h. x 8"w. x 4"d.








              Materials:            Ontario Fieldstone from Elm Tree Farm
              Dimensions:      Sculpture - 21"h. x 12"w. x 10"d.
                                            Base -         8"h. x 18"w. x 14"d.



        'Mana Puajo'
Materials:  Sculpture - Muskoka Granite - pink and grey with mica chips/bands
                               Base       -  Ontario Fieldstone from Elm Tree Centre

          Dimensions:  Sculpture - 26"h. x 11.5"w. x 6"d.
                                    Base -       4.5"h. x 31"w. x 21"d.


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