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Martha's Signature Collection Pottery



Set the ambience for your special occasion.

The unique iridescent glaze of this Signature Collection reflects light in beautiful ways.  For evening gatherings, these distinctive place settings reflect the soft, warm tones of candlelight.   In daylight, the rich colours of your centerpiece  reflect in brighter tones with a more silvery iridescence.

The original design of these pieces comes from early 1800 Ontario bake ware and yet they complement both traditional and contemporary settings.

It features a black iridescent glaze with subtle tones of blue and copper.  These pottery pieces consist of pie plates, place settings, wine goblets, shrimp servers, garlic bakers and more that complement foods of all kinds.  The place settings in this line are available by commission only.

Featured Article

Martha was recently published in the New York Times with her Signature Collection pottery line.  She will also be featured in the upcoming New York Times Cookbook.

To Order

Please review our gallery below and select the special pieces you would like to order.  Delivery is subject to current availability.  You will be taken to the PayPal Shopping Cart each time you order an item.  At any time you may review your Shopping Cart items by clicking the icon at the bottom of the page. 


  Wine Goblets
  4.75" x 3.75"
  Sold separately or in sets


Set of 4 - $80.00            

Single Goblet - $25.00  

Condiment Bowls

    Use one of these set on a
    Pie Plate for a Shrimp and
    Dip Platter!

    $15.95 each



Batter Jug
 Reproduction of an 1830's
    batter pouring jug.  
    5.25" x 6.25"
    Great for pancakes or



     Place Setting                         
      4 & 5 pc. includes:
      Dinner Plate: 11" x1.25"
      Breakfast / Luncheon
      Plate:  8.5" x 1"
      Desert / Salad  
      Bowl:  7.5" x 2"
      Coffee Mug: 4" x 3.75"w.      
                                                 or with 5pc.                                                                                         Wine Goblet: 4.75" x 3.75

          5 pc. Place Setting - $225.00

4 pc. Place Setting - $200.00

      Wine Crock
  7.5" x 5.5"


    Apple Baker
Made with very strong red
     stoneware clay. Glazes are
     non-toxic, microwave &
     dishwasher safe.



Pie Plate
Strengthening rings are
     tooled into the bottom of
     each plate, on the outside
     base, to help with the
     process of giving heat flow
     to the bottom of the pie.






        Serving Bowl




       Syrup Jug

        Small, Medium, Large






Covered Pot
  Small - 3.5"w x 2.5"h    $40.00
     Medium - 6"w x 5"h     $60.00
     Large - 8"w x 6"h        $75.00





   Cream Pot/Stew/Fondue
   This is an old fashioned
   cream pot.  Great for mixing 
   and... not spilling.
   Small - 4"h.        $30.00
   Medium - 6"h.     $35.00
                                     Large - 8"h.        $50.00





 Small       $30.00
   Medium    $40.00
   Large       $60.00
   XLarge     $150.00





    Ink Well


    Quill Pen



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