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Wood Sculptures



      Sculptures in wood have distinctive colours and grains.     
      Each piece is sculpted to enhance these features and 
      portray the subject to its best advantage.  

      Wood sculptures add warmth and character to your home 
      and office.  

      Purchasing a work of art can be a hands on experience.  
      A personal viewing can be arranged by appointment.    
      Please contact us for pricing and more information.

      Engage your senses and enjoy... I love working with 
      wood and the various natural lines and colours to 
      create a work of art that is pleasurable to view.


Materials:      Red Cedar
                     Dimensions:  2.5"h. x 6"w. x 6"d.



Materials:      Red Cedar
                      Dimensions:  4"h. x 6"w. x 4"d.



       'Edith - the Grandmother'
Materials:     1830 Red Pine Plank from the old Brookville Hall
         Dimensions:  2.5"h. x 12"w. x 6"d.







(not for sale)
Materials:      White Birch
Dimensions:  16.5"h. x 8"w. x 6.5"d.








          'Pine Owl'
Materials:      Pine
             Dimensions:  16"h. x 9"w. x 6.5"d.


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