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Labyrinth & Nature Walks





Nature Walks & Labyrinths

   Labyrinth walks at Elm Tree   
   Centre are personal journeys
   that can enhance clarity, bring
   relaxation and help focus you in
   your own values and direction. 
   Three Labyrinths are situated
   along the nature trails. 

All of the labyrinths are built in natural surroundings, each with its own unique design. 

You can include these in your nature walk or book a B.M.E. Stress Management counselling session that includes a Labyrinth walk.

The Labyrinth In The Pine Woods

   This labyrinth follows an 
   ancient Greek design.  It is
   located in our Pine Woods
   with marked pathways.


The Stone Circle Labyrinth

   This labyrinth is a stone circle
   with a central stone located in
   an open field adjacent to the
   pine forest.


The Medicine Wheel Vortex Labyrinth

  There are 8 concentric stone
  circles, and 8 radiating lines,
  that are made from cedar

 It connects with an 8 directional focus 
 and has a 360' view of the



How To Book Your Nature or Labyrinth Walk

Please call ahead to book your Nature or Labyrinth walk at the Centre and check in at our Office before your walk. There is a $5.00 grounds fee per person in winter and $10.00 in summer. 

Group Rates - $7.00 per person for groups of 10 or more.



This is a farm property with many native medicinal, poisonous and non-poisonous plants.  We have a
site map to help you stay within the property boundaries. 

Remember to bring your binoculars and wear appropriate outdoor clothing.

                    Enjoy your day in nature!


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