Elm Tree Centre

Where you can refresh and revitalize.



An easy, beautiful drive close to home.


The 'Originals' 
  Loft Sculpture Gallery 
  & Gift Shop

Are you looking for that 
   original gift?

    Open Weekends
    Sat. - Sun.  10 am - 5 pm

    Mother's Day 
   Brunch Buffet

    Sunday, May 12, 2019
    Reserve for 11:00 am 
    or 1:30
    Click here to view our   
    delicious menu.

    The Simple 
   Country Wedding
From Casual to Formal

GPS Directions  
    City:        Milton   
    Street #:  2113    
    Street:     25 Side Road

The 'Originals' Loft
   Art and Sculpture 



   Ontario Antiques &
 1920's - 50'sFurniture
          Buffets & Sideboards
          Tables & Chairs
          Trunks & Desks
          Flatback & Corner 

Cottage Rental

          3 Bedrooms on 
          Lake Rosseau


The Healing Centre

     Assessments and treatment 
     plans for stress relief.

Healing Centre Events

Epic Tour Cycling Event 
Rest Stop Host

Enjoy the quiet, restful ambience 
of the Elm Tree Centre.  Check out the Gift Shop and the Gallery.  We host weddings, celebrations and other events.

New Age/Wellness Event

30th Side Rd., Rockwood

Martha Hoey
Energy/Angel Healer

July 6, 2019
10 am - 4 pm

Angels and Your Intuition

Creations in Clay

Aug. 25, 2019
9 am - 4 pm

Therapeutic Touch Workshops
Level 1, 2, 3

TT Continuing Education 

P.A.C.E. for Change

      Counselling Services for   
      Quality Life Changes

Stress Management

      Counselling Services for
      Body, Mind, Emotional 
Highly Sensitive    
      People Chronic & 
      Palliative Care

      Stress Management
For Small Animals

     Domestic & Exotic 
      Chronic & Palliative Care
      Office & Home Appts.
      Stress Management 
               For Horses

      Horses,  Horse Facilities

      Therapeutic Touch
Get excited about 
          Therapeutic Touch!       
       Are you interested?

1.  Do you have a family 
           member who needs pain relief?
      2.  Are you a care-giver?
      3.  Do you need stress relief?
      Click here for more information.

             Practice Group
       Continuing Education

                    Level 1

                 Feb. 9, 2019
                 March 2, 2019
                 March 31, 2019
                 May 25, 2019

     Level 2
                 Apr. 13, 2019
                 May 4, 2019
                 June 9, 2019 
                    Level 3
                 March 10, 2019
                 Apr. 14, 2019
                 May 26, 2019

  Therapeutic Touch
Continuing Education

Creativity Clay Workshop #1
Feb. 23, March 23 
or Apr. 27, 2019

      Clearing Services

    Residential and Business

Spiritual Life Coaching Readings